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I´m not lost.. I´m found and I have back that space that I shouldn´t give away.. I couldn´t defy you as I was so addicted to the past.. to the tears that I dried without being my responsibility, no regretting it but, avoiding it, as I realized that I have being no more than a kerchief ..Being forgotten for complaints that I don’t want to hear anymore.. .. I did my job and I don’t have anything else to offer you…because it was never enough, I didn’t understand it I will vanished on silence.. the last secret that I want to keep ….call me a traitor.. An average guy as everyone else… tell me anything you want..I really don’t mind…I was revived, hurt and killed by the same hand in a eternal cycle… the same one that I probably was unable to fight myself…I have been torture over and over again for the same things.. with the same complaints …now I know who you are and what you told me every time without a word… don’t need me as I’m so imperfect, so low profile… so crazy to the order that I was imposed… If I’m happy probably you would say that I don’t deserve it more than you.. Problably it’s true but since I do.. I have to go on, and you can do it too.. I tried to show you too many times how to do it….but.. I just got tired… I’m so selfish now .. but I’m not the same… now you know..I’ll keep everything as before.. clear..mute.. unreal..
now I’m gone….